As a spectator, it’s typical to have high expectations when watching a series for the first time, especially when no one that can recommend it yet. The inicial audience comes from the actors fan base as well as media (including social media). After that, if the series retains them, the audience becomes promoters by telling friends and family. The truth is that it isn’t until you sit down and begin to watch that you can truly say it was (or not) worth it.

That’s the case CLAIREvoyant, a new KindaTV original web serie which premiered last Wednesday. In just two hours of its release, it had already reached 5.2K views on the first episode alone (they released five). This comes as no surprise since most viewers are hardcore fans of the protagonists, Natasha Negovanlis and Annie Briggs, who are also cast members of the popular Carmilla web serie and feature film (if you haven’t seen them yet, what are you waiting for?).

This time, the talented pair play completely different roles from those in Carmilla. Negovanlis becomes Claire Ganski, a young woman turning 25 who lives with her somewhat crazy roommate/friend Ruby Renaud (Briggs). After facing a possible eviction, Ruby comes up with the idea of becoming online psychics (The Seeing Sister) which reveals the possibility of Claire actually having psychic abilities. On top of that, Claire’s first date with Nico (Sabryn Rock) doesn’t go so well.

But beyond the narrative, the serie has some great production qualities: script, actors, image, transitions (just to mention a few). Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Briggs and Negovanlis are more than co-stars, they are also co-creators, co-writers, and co-producers. It comes to no surprise that the serie displays some personal references such as Negovanlis’ Macedonian ancestry and her Baba (grandmother), making the content more unique and natural. It’s obvious that they are passionate about the project and have managed to find the necessary support to produce a captivating content. Sometimes a great script isn’t enough, acting, image quality, and art design are also important (if you’ve watched the first few episodes you might agree that CLAIREvoyant passes the mentioned criteria). Of course, we can’t ignore that the web series is being supported by Smokebomb Entertainment (Shaftesbury Digital), the Independent Production Fund, and Indiegogo backers.

Now, after what seems like a successful premiere, we’re sure that this growing fandom will need a name. Any ideas?

Make sure to watch CLAIREvoyant every Wednesday of May at 7:00 pm EST on KindaTV. You can also follow the series Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts.