Even though I’m not a kid or a teen I do enjoy some of the movies made for that target. And today I confess to having watched Descendants 2 which premiered on July 21, 2017, on Disney Channel and it’s the sequel to the 2015 film Descendants.

Trying not to take into account that this movie is the new franchise of the channel, it was entertaining but the plot was too simple. The new characters seemed promising but weren’t fully harvested. Uma was well played by China McClain although I expected more from her especially because she was Mal’s counterpart. The true sensation was Sofia Carson in her portrayal as Evie. For those of us that have seen the first movie, I’m sure we can agree that her character grew since we last saw her. She was more secure about herself while remaining as stylish and ingenious as always. Her relationship with Dizzy was adorable and makes me want to see more of them in the future.

It’s sad to say that Carlos and Jay didn’t really add a lot of value to this story development. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why after they all return from the Isle of the Lost, Carlos makes them sit and discuss their feelings (the group was falling apart). Speaking of feelings, his interest in Jane and his failed attempts to invite her to the cotillion was characteristic of him. They would make a nice couple, besides they already have Fairy Godmother’s approval.

The cotillion was a disaster, not because it was interrupted but because it was clearly and based on The Little Mermaid: the prince was under a spell. But besides that, a dragon fighting an octopus, really? Fire vs Water? Ben roaring? Too much. Another thing, everyone was OK with Ben’s sudden change in girlfriend, even his parents! Was everyone under a spell?

OK, enough ranting. The last dance was cool. Splashing, singing, dancing, seemed so funny that I even wanted to join. Now, about the songs: “Ways to be Wicked” shouldn’t have been the starting song (it had so much potential), thankfully “Space Between” was the opposite which made me very happy.

Overall the movie was good considering this is a Disney Channel’s movie. However, the first one was better. What do you think?