With only one murder scene at the ‘hand’ of Arya Stark and no nudity, Game of Thrones began its final season last Sunday after a little more than a year of waiting. Although I’m not the biggest fan nor read the books I’ll share my impressions:

“Dragonstone”, the name of the episode, prepares not only the characters but the audience as well for what is to come. I compare it to a chess board in which all the pieces are placed in their starting positions. Every main character had sufficient screen time in which the teams of battle have been once again established. Cersei is rebuilding and searching for allies, Jon Snow is reuniting the North, the White Walkers are advancing towards the Wall, and Daenerys just arrived at Dragonstone.

Without any major twist or development, the episode concentrates on giving the audience a chance to catch up with the current status of the characters after all that happened during season 6. We even get the chance to know what’s happening with secondary characters such as Sam, Jorah, Bran, The Hound, and Arya. Out of all of these characters, the one that surprised me the most was Jorah despite only seeing his infected arm (I kinda forgot he existed). Also, I am still not convinced with The Hound’s vision in the fire and his sudden belief in the Lord of Light. Belief doesn’t just happen that easily and besides out of all the characters he is the least open to such a thing.


Ed Sheeran’s appearance was a bit awkward, mainly because he sings and I thought he was going to do something else. But I’ll overlook this detail only because it helped show another side to Arya’s personality: compassion. She had the opportunity to kill him as well as the rest soldiers but instead, she listened.

Overall the episode was pretty good for a season beginning. Hopefully, tonight’s episode will be even better.